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Our story

Piranha Tools began as an idea back in the mid 2000’s, when co-founders Matt Doring, Kevin Bilben, and I were working in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, installing spray foam insulation. At the time, spray foam was just gaining traction in our area, and we quickly realized it was not only a superior product, but also the future of insulation.
As we learned the craft and transitioned to mostly spray foam, we discovered that there were no professional tools designed specifically for the spray foam contractors and installers.
With no dedicated tools on the market for spray foamers, it became clear that if we wanted to use professionally-designed tools for spray foam insulation, we’d have to make them ourselves. And who better to create the tools we need than the very people who use them everyday?
After years of designing, building homemade models, and testing them in the field - both by us personally and many SPF colleagues from different areas and regions - Piranha tools was born. The feedback and encouragement we received from our colleagues was invaluable, and their input can be seen in the quality of our tools today.
In early 2022, the second production run of Piranha Tools hit the market, bringing with it additional and enhanced features for even greater productivity and flexibility. Building on our earlier success, these tools are even more useful and durable than anything we’ve released before.
Thank you all for your unwavering support, inspiration, and encouragement. We wouldn’t be here without you, and are grateful for this opportunity to provide you with the tools you deserve to be using.
Bill BilbenCo-Founder and CEO, Piranha Tools